Public accounting as one of the axes of business development

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March 28, 2020
Continuous improvement, strengthening of internal control
March 28, 2020


The current business model requires quick and accurate decisions, technological and application development must be integrated into financial information systems effectively. The processes we provide are oriented in that dynamic and safe direction. ABB Consulting Provides financial consulting, tax auditing, accounting BPO (business process outsourcing), and advising on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) , among others. What distinguishes ABB Consulting from similar businesses is its ability and willingness to adapt to the needs of each company and each citizen. “We do not try to standardize our clients, as we understand that each one has their own particular needs. We try to understand where their objectives are going and, based on them, we work and implement an appropriate strategy to provide our service, ”he says. After the contractor's approval, a monthly fee is charged as applicable. We use technological tools to know the specific regulation that applies to your jurisdiction and we generate proposals based on the degree of efficiency that we can project both in terms of taxes and your finances. Other companies put together specific service packages, prefixed; we adapt to our clients, not they to our Firm. Of course, we also offer standard packages for some businesses, but if the interested party does not fit the defined profile, we provide specific solutions ”. Another of ABB Consulting's qualities is that we go one step further in the type of advice it provides: “When companies hire our external audit service, a standard objective is to find improvement situations, but we also look for factors that will allow you to save and find resources that sometimes cannot be managed. In addition to finding the errors, we generate improvement plans with which the economic benefit can be maximized ”. We also offer "valuation of companies and assets, financial management of projects, preliminary investigations for investment banking processes, business modeling with scenarios that the client can visualize and sector economic studies". The flexibility we have has generated recognition and representation in a wide number of commercial sectors, such as health, hotels, commerce, bars and restaurants, the naval industry, horizontal property and complementary services.