High profile fiscal strategies

En ABB Consulting we have a source of information and valuable ideas that can give rise to a wide range of initiatives, innovations and improvements. Since 2001, we have focused on meeting the needs of our auditing, tax and legal clients.

Direct to the success of your organization

Our vison is to be an organization of outsourcing services and business support of wide recognition in the national environment guided by the principles of responsibility and opportunity in the provision of our services.

What makes us different?

Technology and avant-garde

We have technological resources that facilitate our work..

Human talent

Our human resources are properly trained.

Assured success

Our commitment is to understand the business model and give recommendations that guarantee the success of the contracted activity

Transparent legality

Our advice has the legal support to generate tranquility in the operations of each client

Vision and execution

We create opportunities in the generation of financial information, audit reports and liquidations or tax projections.