Expert advice
and financial perspective


Our business model

Our business model focuses on the provision of financial, accounting, tax, exchange and administrative support services. In addition, we manage the convergence to IFRS of companies in the different sectors of our economy.

We specialize in satisfying the needs of business clients, natural and public sector, according to their requirements and complying with the guidelines that the legislation imposes as mandatory, always looking for the best option for the client.

We have discounts!

For prepayment of more than two months of contracted service!


We elaborated reports for the control entities, supervising their monitoring and acceptance.

Exogenous information: Directorate of Taxes and National Customs.

We remodel all its administrative processes, applying the most innovative systems of diagnosis, modeling and reengineering.

  • Advice in application of the public accounting system
  • Attention of requirements of the DIAN and Secretariat of Finance
  • Outsourcing in portfolio recovery
  • Business Settlement Processes
  • Superintendency of Corporations
  • Superintendency of Solidarity Economy
  • Ministry of Industry and Commerce
  • Superintendent of Health